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The Journey: Being Led By Passion And Not Results

Photo by Brooke Cagle

We all walk through life with certain passions and ambitions; they might not necessarily be about our career but they push us to work towards achieving certain goals, materializing dreams and fulfilling a desire to be the best at what’s important to each of us.
This drive varies in us humans depending on the priorities we set for ourselves, and growing up, I realized that this one aspect is what makes us so beautifully distinct from one another. Some of us aspire to be the best professionals, some seek the spotlight and some wish to be the best for somebody else’s sake- like a father striving to be the best dad to his children. Being a 20 something, constantly finding myself battling an existential crisis, I experienced an epiphany of sorts, an understanding that we often neglect the journey, focusing solely on the end result- that perfect picture we’ve painted in our heads of what life ‘down the line’ must look like.
Think of it and you realize how much you miss when you neglect the process and solely concentrate on a result. Your journey is a lot about embracing the unexpected surprises sprung on you -both pleasant and unpleasant- and moulding them into experiences that help you learn and evolve into a better version of yourself.
This thought process is what propels us to be better human beings, to explore dimensions and to establish ideas that take us forward as a species. In talking about the journey, take a minute today and reflect on how life passed you so swiftly that you didn’t really realize you were growing and learning while trying to reach where you think you belong.
Rewind and take pleasure in what you’ve endured, learned and embraced to be who you are today. You might not be in your happiest place but if you’re reading this, you’re alive; no matter how often you take that for granted, you must acknowledge that it’s a gift denied to many. Existence itself is so powerful and you hold that power to bring absolutely anything to life. Doesn’t it seem like a huge responsibility? Giving life to something? It may be an idea that changes a million lives for the better, or the simple power to cheer someone up with that beautiful smile when they most need it.
This realization is what makes our journey worth living. Look around, smile and spread happiness! You don’t realize how many lives you can change with that positivity you choose to nurture. So value your journey, respect your struggle, and choose to embrace your uniqueness to help society- because you matter, and no matter how low life pulls you, you’ll always shoot up with a smile!
By Kartika Ladwal

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