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A Tale of Ridiculous Faith

Photo by Eutah Mizushima 

How big would you dream if you knew your hearts desires would actually come to life? How many times would you remind yourself of how great you are if you trusted your abilities and had a radiating confidence? How much faith would it take for you to believe that you can be more than you could ever fathom?
We live in a world where all you hear people speaking over their lives is how much they need to change and are persistently reminding themselves of what they cannot do. We have great expectations for ourselves and fail to see how far we have come because we tend to focus on the BIG things instead of acknowledging the small steps of faith we take every day. Faith is about believing in the power of the unknown, it's about believing that you have the power to move mountains and the strength to overcome obstacles that come your way. It's about embracing what is yet to come even when the thought of the unknown seems scary to you. It's about trusting yourself and your abilities.
What if we all had ridiculous faith? How many mountains would you move rather than going in circles around them? How many lives would you change rather than neglect? How many times would you say "yes, I can" rather than "I can't"? It's all about how you see the world and how you plan to change it, but it starts with a little bit of faith.
I challenge anyone who reads this to choose an area in their life that feels desolate and abandoned. That thing you said you would start doing that you neglected or that grand idea that you're too afraid to bring to light because of fear. I challenge you to have ridiculous faith and believe in endless possibilities. I challenge you to look in your heart and remind yourself that you have more power than you think you do. And I challenge you to go out and set forth to accomplish those things you once abandoned out of fear and lack of hope. Choose today. Choose now. Have ridiculous faith.
Written by, 
Minaa B.

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