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Absolution from Your Past And Learning How To Let Go

Photo by Jordan Sanchez

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.
—Oprah Winfrey

The past is an integral part of each of our lives. It’s one of the reasons why we’re so distinct from one another. What role does your past play in shaping your future?
As humans, our behaviour is often guided by experiences that lie in our past. For most part of it, these experiences make us better at dealing with future circumstances but there always are memories that aren’t as healthy for our future selves. Some of us are haunted by certain dark, unsettling moments in the past and more often than not, these lead to unhealthy patterns in our responses to future events, ones that linger on for the rest of our lives. Is it fair to hold on to something that only degrades your soul and eats you up from the inside? I’m sure it isn’t and we must be willing to let go of them.
The funny part about human behaviour is that most of the times, we’re ‘aware’ but we’re ‘afraid’ to accept. It’s in the human nature to be naïve and sensitive, to be reluctant to let go; and that’s okay, it’s how we’re built. Understand this
When I so often speak to people about unpleasant memories, the immediate reaction that I receive is, ‘It’s gruesome and unfair and you wouldn’t understand unless you were to experience it yourself.’ You know something? I get it. I get it that life is not fair to some of us and that we don’t deserve to be haunted by bitter memories, but why let it distort the future? Only you can change what happens next and how that shapes who you become. 
Every new day, that’s a new shot at life! With every new sunrise, you’re gifted with the opportunity to change the course of events, to guide your actions in the direction that represents your definition of contentment; appreciate that chance.
The first step in doing so is to PAUSEStop and question whether your actions are a result of who you are today or who you were yesterday. Pause your present and browse through you past; learn from experiences but don’t let them take over your future; accept the past and convince your mind to let go of the harmful. Will power is your strongest, most effective tool, utilize it.
Once you’ve reached acceptance, RISE to a level where you decide to take charge of your present. Let go of fear and don’t be afraid to make decisions with a prospective goal in mind. Muster the courage to take action that makes the present a happy place for you.
Next, you find yourself achieving your goals, one step at a time. You CONQUER your future. You’ll realize that it is only in acceptance that one finds a solution, that hope is always possible and the best place to find it is right within us. 
Your past is an integral part of who you are but you must find the courage to let go of things that no longer contribute to your growth.
Go ahead, close your eyes, clear your heart, and let go - you deserve a better future.

Written By,
Kartika Ladwal

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