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Holistically Healing From Depression Part 1.

Towards the end of 2015 I found myself in a familiar place that I prayed I would never be in again. I was struggling with fatigue. I had a decreased appetite as well as a lack of pleasure in activities. My mood constantly fluctuated between angry, irritable, sad and happy. And my mind swelled with constant negative thoughts that caused me to have many emotional outbursts. Getting out of bed was laborious and every time I tried to write my pen struck the pages with nothing but empty words.

Empty is how I felt, depleted of my energy and not able to tap into my healing toolbox. This rotten stench and this passing wave of darkness is not foreign to me; it has traveled with me all of my life. Depression found it's way into my vessel and made my heart weary and here I was again, feeling like I'm stuck in the shadow of my past and waiting for this raging storm to flow through me.

As time went on my emotions became overwhelmingly difficult and as everyone celebrated the coming of a new year; a new season; a fresh awakening; I was at the pharmacy gathering a prescription for antidepressants and sleeping pills. Life had stricken me too deeply and my mind, body and spirit could not bounce back from it.

I have gone through years of psychotherapy and my last experience with antidepressants was not pleasant. But I chose to give medication another chance and it worked out well for me this round. I've been battling insomnia for four years and medication is the only thing that has been able to aid and assist my sleep disorder. Unfortunately, my sleep disorder is also a stressor for my depression- it's a rotating cycle and each sequence affects the other.

So where do I go from here? How do I walk away from something that keeps chasing after me? So many worries. So many thoughts. So many questions. This journey has taken me sailing in directions that I never thought I would wind up in. Although this is not a place I imagined myself to be in right now, I know grace is what carried me this far and with grace I will find healing.

On the 17th I celebrated my 26th birthday. And with that blessing has come the termination of mommy's health coverage. With that also comes the termination of prescription medication. For a while this scared me- I thought to myself "I most likely can't afford these pills and even if I can, is this always going to be the answer?"

I am not anti-medication. But for me, my wellness, and my journey to healing, I want to be able to find tools that already exist within me that will be able to accompany me as I enter a new bless'ed year of being a woman and being in tune with the body that houses my being. I want to grow closer to myself day by day and I can admit that there are particular habits that I need to break away from in order to elevate higher.

I created a frequency list to help assist the energies and vibrations that I plan to shift as I focus on vibrating towards wholeness. This is what the body is made up of; therefore, why not tap into the body to find restoration and healing?

Mental frequencies:
  • ·      Restoring the mind is key to living a well-balanced life. As you rise and journey throughout the day make it a habit to speak positive affirmations over yourself in order to rebuild your shattered thoughts. "I am loved" "I am worthy" "I am beautiful "I belong" - are key beliefs that I want absorb in order to feel whole. Knowing that I am loved is key to knowing what I deserve and puts self-care on a pedestal. This way of thinking drowns out the noise of negative voices.
  • ·      Worrying and negative circumstances have always been linked to my depression and I've learned that everything that the universe directs towards us is a manifestation of our thoughts + beliefs. If you fixate on the problem, you will continue to foster negative energy because you are giving your power away to that particular situation. If you are trying to rise up out of something then your thoughts need to elevate you higher; otherwise, worrying will cause you stress and deplete you of your energy.

Bodily frequencies:
  • ·      Engaging in practices such as yoga as well as exercising helps to increase your bodies energy levels and shifts your negative thinking
  • ·      Tap into the healing source of water. Water helps to maintain the balance of your bodily fluids. It is an energy booster and helps to flush your body of any toxic vibes that tries to slow you down.

Soul frequencies:
  • ·      Soul work is needed in order to see yourself as the being you were created to be. Eliminate the people + things in your atmosphere that serve as a hindrance to your growth and deplete you of your power. 

Spiritual frequencies:
  • ·      Everything that is orbiting around you has the potential to leach onto you. Spiritual warfare is real and our battles within in this world are not only against flesh and blood but it pertains to energies, vibrations and forces that surround us. Stay elevated by practicing techniques such as:
  • ·      Prayer, meditation, and mindfulness to find your inner calm and rest in it // release yourself from anything that takes away your calm and depletes you of your energy.
  • ·      Creating a gratitude list helps you to appreciate all that you have instead of focusing on what you don't have.

Understand that healing comes from repeated vibrations of daily practices. This is not a quick-fix method; it’s hard work! But know that with time and persistence waves of healing will rush over you.

Written By,
Minaa B  

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