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It's Okay To Feel Too Much

Photo by Eutah Mizushima 
We live in a world where people are taught to keep their emotions in tact and feelings in order. Our society has walked away from what it means to be truly authentic.
If we feel too much it means that we are weak. If we express too much we are emotionally unstable and we become victims of the “stop overreacting” and we fake our feelings to keep our oppressors pleased with all that we do.
I am an emotional being.
I cry.
I weep.
I do not censor my feelings.
Often I find that people can’t handle my true feelings which is essentially the depth of my authenticity. How can we practice the art of being genuine when we can't even handle a basic human principle that allows us to be in touch with our souls? 
We proclaim that people don't know who to be “real” anymore but then we close them out by labeling them as meek and complain that they take things “too” seriously when they begin to display real emotions.
I want you all to know that’s okay to feel too much.
It’s okay to feel fragile.
It’s okay to feel weak.
It’s ok to feel like you don’t have it together.
It’s okay to be angry.
It’s most importantly okay to be human.
You can’t live a full life by shutting off your emotions to please people who can’t handle your truths. We cannot deprive ourselves of what is fundamental for the soul because we are too afraid to tell people how we really feel. It is okay to be in touch with your darkness. You are entitled to your feelings. It’s okay to overreact and it’s okay to take things too seriously. 
 You don’t have to “fake it to make it.”
You don’t have to wipe your tears.
You don’t have to be strong all the time.
You are allowed to freely live and you are allowed to intensely feel.
You are allowed to keep going and you are allowed to slow down.
You can’t be true to yourself while living emotionally bound to someone else.
So I want you to know that it’s okay to feel too much. It’s okay to spiral out of control with emotion and to love every wound and every bruise. It’s okay to be full to the brim with grief, happiness, sorrow, love or compassion all at once and allow yourself to overflow. It’s okay to be fragile and know that you don’t always have to be strong.
It’s okay for you to be your basic nature: human.
And I want you to know that it’s okay to feel too much.
Written by,
Minaa B.

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