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Owning Your Voice, Finding Your Passion And Conversations On Being A Bombshell With YouTube Vlogger Jasmine Bowie

We make it a mission to share stories with you about folks who are hell-bent on giving their lives their best chance, who are courageously walking out their calling while turning their backs on fear and making use of their light. We present to you Jasmine Bowie, a YouTube Vlogger and Social Worker who is full of light indeed. She radiates with positive energy and she is a force that can’t go unnoticed. Her positive words of affirmation spread hope within the lives of many and we got the opportunity to interview her about her inspirational project Bombshell Behavior, a movement designed to encourage women to live beyond their fullest potential and cultivate a deeper sense of love in order to fulfill their destiny. Read the interview below on how Jasmine has used her struggles in life to build herself up and spread hope to others.

Can you tell us about what prompted you to start the movement Bombshell Behavior?
Bombshell Behavior is a movement focused on self-love and courageously spreading ones inner-light. It was birthed out of a time in my life where I was challenged with the both of those things. How do I truly love myself when I hide so many amazing parts of me? I hid behind the mask of perfectionism, afraid to make mistakes, afraid to fall apart, but eventually the role became too tough to keep up with and it was one that I never truly wanted.
I felt that people often boxed me in, focusing on superficial aspects of who I am as a woman and bought in, "Jasmine, you're so pretty, you're just so sweet, the perfect girl" and on the inside I'm dying a slow death, insecure and uncertain of who I am and what I have to offer the world. Those standards of living were just too high and unrealistic. 
Bombshell Behavior is waging war on perfectionism, it's living beyond societal standards of beauty, being more than just another pretty face with no substance. It’s having the courage to give one’s life definition, far beyond what others expect. It's living and owning ones truth. 
As I journeyed to free myself from these ideals, the mission became less and less about me and more about how I can inspire others to do the same. With that the movement was birthed.
Outside of YouTube, you just recently graduated from NYU with your Masters in Social Work. What made you choose social work as a profession and did that influence your decision for starting Bombshell Behavior?
I’ve always had a passion for people and somewhere along the way that turned into a desire to become a Social Worker. I love to serve others who are in need of something, whether it’s tangible opportunities or just an encouraging word. Social Works gives me the platform to do both. It is crazy how things come full circle, the first year of my master’s program, I ended up learning more about myself than how to be an effective resource to others. Having to face the mirror broke me in a sense. I made a decision to no longer accept narratives of perfection and to whole-heartedly own the woman that I am. As we know, that decision turned into something bigger and now we have the movement Bombshell Behavior. So yes, Social Work played a pretty big role in my decision to start Bombshell Behavior.
A lot of people are intimated about recording videos for the world to see. Were you ever nervous about it? And how can others be inspired to use vlogging as a creative outlet?
Ooh gosh! I was so nervous. Honestly, I still get nervous. It's just a very vulnerable place to share your truths with the world, especially when you're extremely invested in the message. You can only hope that others would be receptive and can relate. Vlogging helps me find the power in my own voice, which is something I often struggle with; seeing my thoughts and perspective as valid. Social media is a powerful outlet and vlogging brings your words to life.  
The messages that you share on your platform are very relatable and you focus on every day issues that ordinary people face. Do you speak from a place of experience? What inspires you to create your content?
Absolutely! Every video is inspired by current or past challenges, moments of enlightenment and small victories. I just remember being in a really dark space and feeling like I was the only one going through, but when I began to open up to others, candidly sharing my challenges, I found that my issues weren't specific to me. These are things everyday people go through. That inspired me to use my voice to normalize experiences and encourage others, particularly women, to live beyond their darkness and begin to accept the things that they love about themselves as well as the things that aren't so easily lovable. 
What was life like for you before you started the Bombshell movement? Did you ever see yourself as a motivational speaker and vlogger?
Before I started Bombshell Behavior I was simply trying to figure out my life. I was in pursuit of purpose. I am originally from Columbus, Oh and one day, I decided that I wanted a change of pace. I felt that I needed to gain new experiences, challenge my beliefs and New York spoke to me.  It is here where I became more in tune with my purpose. I'd always find myself encouraging and speaking life into others, but never did I think I would be a motivational speaker, and a vlogger at that?! I still don't consider myself as a motivational speaker though, just someone who shares experiences in hope of helping others.
Owning Your Voice, Finding Your Passion And Conversations On Being A Bombshell With YouTube Vlogger Jasmine Bowie
Your videos are full of inspiration and you seem grounded in your identity and in your truths. What advice would you give someone who may be struggling with defining who they are and what they were created to do?
This one is tough because I believe for one to define themselves it has to come from within. Everyone's journey is different, but one of the things that has helped me out tremendously on my journey of self-definition is learning to be present. I've learned that when your present, meaning being in tune with the current moment, life has a way of showing you exactly where you need to be and who you need to become. 
I really began to focus on changing my thoughts towards myself. I operate under a notion that we have the power to create exactly who we desire to be. Take it back to the basics, get a journal and a pen and just write out the vision. Once you start writing you may find out that you have no idea who you desire to be just yet, and that's ok, so start with who you desire not to be. Sometimes figuring out what you don't want is just as powerful as figuring out what you do want. Lastly, begin to speak words of affirmation over your life. Affirm that all that you want is already done. Words have power! 
I sincerely empathize with this question because I know exactly what it feels like to struggle with one’s purpose, but I just want to encourage those who are in this place. Not knowing who you are is such a beautiful space to be in, it means you've rejected society’s perceptions or messages of what and whom you should be. It doesn't feel like it when your there, but that's where the magic happens. So be present, be patience and get busy creating. 
Respect Your Struggle is about encouraging individuals to turn their struggles into their strengths. Is there anything that you can share with us that that you have struggled with along your journey, which has actually played a crucial part in making you the woman you are today?
Just believing that I can. That's it. I never believed I personally could go out and do amazing things. I figured that was a job for someone else; someone a bit smarter, more talented, more courageous than me but I'm learning that I too can do amazing things. I am perfectly equipped to carry out my purpose. Day by day I challenge those old narratives and I can just see my growth as a woman and it's amazing. 
So many people are focusing on being perfect, yet perfectionism continues to prove to us that it is not attainable. What is your perception of perfection? Is trying to live up to such a standard worth it?
Progress over perfection that is the motto. Perfection is so unrealistic, you will waste your life and minimize all that's great about you trying to attain it. Real people struggle, real people make mistakes and real people aren't perfect. 
Respect Your Struggle believes in empowering beings through the mind, body, soul and spirit. For you, how do you nourish yourself through these 4 elements as a form of self-care and healthy practices?
Living a holistic and well balanced life is so crucial, but I would be lying if I said I've gained mastery over it. There are times where I do really well with self-care; I'm talking waking up early to pray and meditate, reading my devotional or a positive inspiring word, exercising and giving myself the space to just decompress after a long day and then there are times where I allow the day to slip by and I've done nothing to fuel my soul. When that happens it really takes a toll on my wellbeing and my ability to impart things into others. Self-care can be easy to do but it's also easy not to do, so I personally have to be very intentional with how I go about my day and making sure I take the time to be in alignment with all four elements.
What is the next goal for the Bombshell Behavior movement?
Where do I begin? I definitely plan to continue to use YouTube as an outlet to share my messages and encourage the world, but I want to move beyond the scope of social media. One of my greatest passions is working with young girls. I am working to create leadership development programming for young girls that will focus on holistic empowerment of the mind, body and soul. I also plan to integrate Bombshell Behavior into community based work and eventually create an organization that can carry out these platforms.
In 1-2 sentences. What does it mean to you to Respect Your Struggle?
Respecting Your Struggle is hope in the midst of what feels like chaos. 
 Owning Your Voice, Finding Your Passion And Conversations On Being A Bombshell With YouTube Vlogger Jasmine Bowie
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