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The Stars They Shine; The Universe That's Home

Photo by Adam Excell
We often wonder where we stand in comparison to our peers; intimidated by the competitive world around us, we often find ourselves questioning our abilities in light of how well others perform. Most of us, as teenagers, or even young adults, find our most precious years plagued with self-doubt and insecurities. 
Ask yourself how many times you overthink a particular decision so as to confirm whether or not it would help you ‘fit in’ or on the grounds of seeking acceptance from society. How often do you push yourself to try something new, to explore your talents and attain a deeper understanding of your soul? Now think about the times you beat yourself up for failing ‘expectations’; often, these are the ‘standards’ you set for yourself. 
How about accepting your external self and shining as brightly as that internal soul? Let me share a little perspective here: Imagine that you’re a star, a tiny little star in a beautifully lit galaxy, part of a larger family - the Universe. What makes the universe so vast and astonishing? It is the presence of These Stars. You, are the light that helps the Universe retain its magnificence. Don’t believe me yet? Let me explain. 
Our stars form these magical alliances called constellations; some are recognised and given names, the others, they’re just there, forming defined boundaries and significant patterns in the sky. Imagine us as stars, questioning our ability to light up the sky and eventually shedding our light, abandoning our family. 
You might be a star that seeks recognition, a meaning to existence; or the modest light that makes the universe a little brighter by merely existing. It doesn’t matter how you choose to shine as long as you shine with love and hope. 
You know, John Green once wrote, ‘some infinities are simply bigger than other infinities’; in the context of our Universe, no matter how big or small your infinity is, you must make sure it lights up like a Christmas tree!
We often take our existence for granted simply because it doesn’t seem as singular as it is- the ability to breathe, to live. There’s something we must realize - we do encourage a lot of other stars to hold on to their glow by simply holding on to ours, and the impact we’re bound to make if we choose to extinguish that light, we might not be able to forgive ourselves for that. You might argue that the number is infinite and so it doesn’t make a difference; always remember- we spread our vibe. And that, is as powerful as any force. Now let’s come back to our world so I can show you just how important you are. 
Life, as they say, is a cakewalk for none. It shows you the highs but also throws you down to lows. Sometimes, we forget to acknowledge that it wouldn’t be so meaningful without a blend of both –the highs AND the lows. The moments of contentment, no doubt, are the best; but the struggles, they are your true teachers and every time you overcome them, you shine a little brighter. They make your whole experience of joy so much more enriching because they teach you the most important lesson of life- they teach you to respect what you have. 
Celebrate what life puts you through, it is your own experiences that make you unique, they give you a light that no other star in the sky can replace; most importantly, they give you the power to write a story that inspires. It is your responsibility to nurture your light, to make sure you play your part and that you play it well; that no matter what challenges the Universe throws at you, you’re going to shine. 
Don’t ever forget- For someone who has lost all hope, a ray of light can mean new life; acknowledge the intensity of that power you hold. And just as the stars are silent when the daylight shines, your challenges will pass and you will come through, more brightly lit, to embrace your darkness. Because you’re a star, and the Universe, that’s home.
Written by, 
Kartika Ladwal

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