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You Don't Have To Be Broken In Order To Be Useful

Photo by Andrew E Weber

You ever hear someone share their life story and you think to yourself “wow, that was powerful” and you find yourself in awe of the person they have become?
I find myself saying “wow, that was powerful” every time someone is brave enough to tell me their secrets and allows me to get a glimpse of the demons in their closet. I have heard many stories that consisted of drug abuse, rape, abandonment and tales of sadness. I have heard stories of neglect and fears, I have heard stories of low self-esteem and body image and I have also heard stories from people who feel that in order to be useful in life they have to reveal to me some deep dark tale full of daddy issues, depression and suicidal ideation in order for me to listen to their story and think “wow, that was powerful”.
I want to let you know that you don’t have to be broken in order to be useful.
No matter what you’ve gone through in life, you are worthy and your story has so much value. There is nothing new under the sun which means we are all battling in a very similar way and showcasing it differently. You don’t have to be the girl suffering from depression or the guy who was left behind by his father, you don’t have to be the person who has dealt with trauma or the person with a low self-esteem in order for your life to have value. 
As long as you are human, your life matters.
Suffering is not something that makes your life attractive, it’s your prosperity and how you choose to handle your circumstances that draws people into your atmosphere. Whether you are healing from a broken leg, broken heart or coming from a broken home the value placed on your life does not equate to your circumstances or tribulations. 
The juncture of your life is when you make a decision to give your life it’s best chance and allow yourself to experience freedom and healing from your wounds and your situations. Your story does not have to be one of destruction or loss. Your story can be one of hope, healing and guidance. You have the power to make someones heart whole just by sharing a piece of your spirit.
Some of us have found ourselves while some of us are still walking around gathering our broken pieces. Either way, your life is valuable and worthy of opportunity. Going through the storm doesn’t make you powerful, it’s how you stand firm after the storm passes and the sun rises that makes your light shine.
You don’t have to be broken in order to be useful. Just being human alone is enough for me to think to myself “wow, thats powerful” because I know how far you have come.
Written by,
Minaa B.

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