our mission is simple.
It's to remind you that your struggles don't define you; they equip you for your journey.

come journey with us!


The Next Step Within The Journey

photo by allef vinicius 

Keep one foot in front of the other.

Hold your head up high.

Speak to yourself with grace.

Count your blessings.

Receive love.

Be a giver of love.

I'm realizing that there is still time for me to be who I want to be. My life doesn't have to disintegrate. The dreams that I once held do not have to evaporate. What I once regarded as chaos has become some of the most beautiful encounters I have ever had in life.

I am awake.

I am feeling more alive in my recent days than I have in the last few months. Though I still struggle with the pace of my journey, as well as the circumstances that are not in my control, I have become content with just "being."

The negativity that used to take up space within my mind has been replaced with warming thoughts and well intentions. This comes with hard work and making self-care a priority in life, not only in regards to my actions, but towards my thought patterns as well.

Focus on being present today. Express gratitude and meditate on what is pure and noble, rather than what induces fear and worry. Silence the noise that lingers around you and be calm and gentle with yourself; love yourself with patience and learn how to cultivate peace within your heart because storms come along with every season.

Be blessed.

Minaa B.

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