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Listen to What Nature Has to Say

photo by zachary staines

Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find.

There are two kinds of humans in this universe - one who ask too many questions and those who don’t. For the former, life is a journey in exploring existence, an existence that’s asking and screaming for meaning at every turn. This tendency often takes us along varied paths and through unexpected tunnels of both – the prolonged darkness and the light at the end. It’s a synchronization of all the choices you make, those that are guided by who you are and what you seek from the limited time you have in this humble abode you call home. 

So what is your meaning? I identify with you if you find yourself asking this question too often. Well, I find my answers in nature. I believe it’s the best place to look, it is what God created for us to learn from - our ultimate teacher; only if we were more willing to learn. Look around, and you shall find your answers. If not, they’ll give you an insight that’ll guide you to them, and you can carve your own path to your truth.

Listen to the ocean, listen to what it has to say to you. Do you hear the waves scream freedom? How they rejoice in their independence as united whole, in leaping and rising and submerging in the larger reality of the vast ocean yet maintaining their individual presence? I hear them. I hear the rustling in the leaves whispering, withering, communicating the beautiful process of renewal- of learning and falling and growing afresh. Do you hear the mountains reverberate with the strength of mightiness? Do you hear them preach the lesson of perseverance and determination, of standing tall in storm and in snow, always shining in the shimmering heat of the sun and the soothing chill of the moon? Have you ever listened to what the stars have wanted to teach you? 

I believe they have something for each of us. They expose the undeniable truth of the sanctity in unitedly holding a family together, lighting up when the dark takes over, not overpowering the struggles but complementing them and shining despite them; the beautiful coexistence of the mighty moon and the million little stars. What do they teach you?

The symphony in the chirping of birds, the strength of a mother elephant in bringing up her little one, the endurance of those tiny ants that can take you down with an even tinier bite, and the power of soil in holding million roots together - they all have a lesson for us. These lessons, if learnt, hold the power to make our struggles more meaningful. I believe each one of us has the ability to rise above a situation or a circumstance and deal with the hurdles more patiently than we do. We have a choice to learn yet not break from the hard times, we need to recognize this predisposition and exercise that freedom of choice. And nature preaches just that.

You have your freedom, you get to choose what these lessons mean to you, what they bring to your life and to your circumstances. Let them teach you; surrender your soul to the wisdom of the learned nature. Be vulnerable, be one with nature and you’ll see just how much it has to offer to who you are. 

I believe most of us spend our lives oblivious of this power, ignorant of the insatiable hunger of the soul, the longing to belong with where our roots lie. I think there’s an order in the universe - an order of things, of circumstances and events - and we seldom appreciate or acknowledge the magnificence of this orderliness. We fail to communicate with nature and learn from its magnanimity and sacred existence. Lend yourself to this learning and you’ll be surprised to find how many doors it opens for you- doors to exploration, to a more meaningful understanding of your inner self. This understanding will help you balance the energies in your life and you will be able to find all your answers by merely listening and observing. Choose your spot. It may be a rock by the ocean or a bench in the park. Spend that time around nature and absorb all the silent yet force-driven lessons. Let the natural forces help you, they long for this relationship.

All you have to do is let them. Being vulnerable might make you seem weaker but it will open doors to a deeper existence and that’s what matters, doesn’t it? Be one with the Universe and let it show you that magic does indeed exist! All you must be willing to do is ask; and you shall receive.

Written by,
Kartika Ladwal

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