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20 Positive Affirmations For The Burnt Out Soul

photo by imani clovis

Positive self talk has been key to making my life more meaningful and feeling courageous and confident when I look in the mirror. For years I was prisoner to my own mind and the self-sabotaging cycle of speaking low and uneasy towards myself. After spending years in therapy and picking up my tools to put inside my emotional toolkit, I found that positive affirmations helped me to heal because I was proclaiming a new version of myself over my life. I believe that the tongue has the power to grant us life or death and when I choose to engage in negative self-talk I am only adding to the hurt, the pain, the low self-esteem, lack of confidence and depression cycle.

Positive affirmations is a way to think critically of yourself. It silences the hateful inner narrative and welcomes the change, renewal and positivity that you are seeking for your life. Being hateful is tedious and draining, especially when you are hateful towards yourself. Negativity only leads to burn out and when you are operating on empty there is nothing that you can offer others, not even yourself.

So I crafted up some positive affirmations for the folks who have become burnt out from the self shaming cycle. We have to remember that we have the power to change our circumstances only when we believe that we harness that power. What do you want for yourself? simply speak it out and boom, there goes your positive affirmation. It's saying to yourself "right now I feel like a fraud, I will always struggle with depression" but the positive affirmation to that could be "I am enough. I worthy. And I will not allow my circumstances to define my worth or value." We have to understand that we are resilient people and we have the ability to bounce back from our weaknesses and find our strength in between the lines.

What is your favorite affirmation: 

I am enough.

I am worthy.

I am loved.

I am capable of extraordinary things.

I harness a power that has the potential to heal my wounds.

My struggles don't define me; they equip me for the journey.

My feelings toward myself do not define who I am as a person.

I have God given gifts.

I am deserving of love and respect.

I deserve to be in safe and warming spaces.

I am beautiful.

My body is my house of healing.

I will not beg people to love me. I deserve to be in 
authentic and unforced connections.

I am deserving of all the goodness that comes my way.

Healing will show up for me because I am proactively pursing it.

I will not bow down to fear. I will thrive in my capabilities.

My mistakes are acting as my greatest teachers.

I am not defined by my past or trials and errors.

I am not a mistake just because I made a mistake.

Love is attainable for me because it knows that I am worth it.

Written by,
Minaa B.

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