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Flowing Unapologetically

photo by nicole mason

It began when you tore me to shreds,
Off the edge, you let me loose.
In the strength of the pouring rain,
I tumbled and displaced.
And there I found my first breath.
Born in the moonlight, I sensed darkness no more.
Shedding inhibition, I began to crawl.
What was it that gave me flow?
Meeting the gigantic and the timid,
The proud and the petty,
The mighty and the shy,
I cuddled them close.
In birth and in death,
I picked and I picked some more.
And fear wasn’t a mile away,
Nor did it reside in the heart so cold.
Numb was the night from shrill little voices,
Embracing all, I let it flow.
For it isn’t in being sheltered that I had found freedom,
It was in vulnerability that I beheld your throne.
And I’d express gratitude for the breath you allowed,
But it dawned;
In the chaos, a choice was made.
And it was mine;

It was mine all along.

Poem by,
Kartika Ladwal

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