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Growing In Faded Light

photo by kevin lee

The beam that led her uphill
Blew up in a myriad of shattered stone;
And light gently left her bones.
Down in the abyss, she found herself afloat,
Losing grip, she wandered in thin air.
And when the tide came flowing by,
It swept her heart ashore.
Naïve was the moment in all eternity,
And stiff was her spirit in generous solitude.
The one that mend was now draping a cloak;
And while it drove the frostbite away,
Death wasn’t afraid of the cold.
A quiet voice inside her head came wading through,
And light bore a path along fragile nerves.
For when shadow casts a spell on purity,
Nothing embraces struggle,
Nothing but a ray of hope.
In this journey that unfairly subdued,
She chose to be her own.
Basking in the light of unexplored wisdom,
A soul was born wise,
And a light arose,
Never to be shattered again.

Sometimes, you find yourself thrown off board by the light that you thought was guiding your journey. This may be a person, a purpose or a direction that you find yourself lost in. If and when you find yourself in those places, always remember: You are your own true light, and your light will never let you stray off path.
Trust yourself.

Your soul, ignited in all its magnificence, will never let you down.

Written by,
Kartika Ladwal

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