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Healing In Unseen Wisdom

In the eternal depth of sunken darkness
Lies a light too scattered for the moistened eyes;
Where the sun meets the horizon,
And the stars sing their glistening songs;
Where the ocean calms the raging nerves,
And pain swallows the shredded soul.
It is there that lies luminescence -
The gift denied to too many.
Then gently lift the broken spirit,
To meet the light of life;
And only the winds swaying by the shivering soul
Can guide the wandering mind.
Don’t deny faith when it’s felt most,
Don’t shy away from the mystical and the hopeful,
Don’t lay your doubt on the darkened core,
For it houses what love calls home.
Sway lightly in the morning mist,
Let the tranquil sea swallow you whole;
Love can move and tear you apart,
But it is only love that can heal your wounds.
For what is felt in the swelling heart,
Won’t find an answer in a benign voice.
“What is it that moves mountains?” it asks.
Someday, maybe someday, we’ll know.

Written by Kartika Ladwal
photo by Alberto Lucas Pérez

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