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How To Get Your Brain in its Best Shape Ever

When I was 22 years old, I was diagnosed with severe depression. Through therapy, I learned how to create self-care rituals to help alleviate my sporadic bouts of sadness, and exercising was one of those tools. Working out became a necessity for me, and proved to be an invaluable way to lessen my anxiety and to help with managing my depression.

I do my best to head to the gym, go for a walk, or ride my bike every day, but when unexpected circumstances come up, I end up putting the gym on the back burner. That decision is then followed by a wave of regret over missing the opportunity to burn off some calories, and release tension from my body, and on those days, my mind fills with negative thoughts. Recently I realized that not only do I need a fitness plan to reach my summer body goals, but I also need to pair that with a mental fitness plan. 

Through my journey I’ve discovered that as humans we are powerful and resilient; but it is the mind that plagues us and causes us stress. So, here are a few ways I’ve discovered to get your mind in its best shape ever.


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