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Your Moon Will Know Victory

Beneath the starry night sky
Stillness glows in emerging waves,
And underneath the peaceful façade,
A righteous battle unfolds each night -
“There is a centre in this Universe.”
“But there are no definitive circles.”
Then what of the needy star that longs
And shines in prime pursuit?
Then what of the selfless night sky
That asks no man his due,
And nurtures and glows in painless glory
To simulate the pleasant blue?
When magic unfurls in deepest places,
There are no shooting stars.
For hope and love in seamless movement,
They’re anomalies in a shimmering scar.
Miles away from defined perihelia,
They stray toward the dark.
For in the heart of chosen blindness,
They’ll guide your glorious path.
Not every star that glows in limits
Seeks the rewarding light;
But somewhere in this beautiful infinity,
The moon knows victory on this night.

Written by,
Kartika Ladwal

photo by logan adermatt

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