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Toddlers Have Feelings Too... And Even Struggle With Depression

Toddlers can suffer from depression. Yep, total shocker right? Many people are surprised by this. And I get how it can be hard to absorb when depression has such intense feelings, and most people feel that in the short lifespan of a toddler, what experiences have they possibly gone through that would cause them to struggle with depression?

The first thing I want to tackle in regards to this topic is mental health and what it is. All people have mental health, no matter what age. The vague term for mental health is a person's social, psychological and emotional wellbeing. These factors are the things that regulate our confidence, self-esteem, autonomy and a great sense of independence. When we have these things we are able to enjoy life to its fullest capacity and we can thrive in all avenues of our inner world. We are able to form positive relationships, problem-solve and deal with challenges, and we are able to regulate our feelings in positive ways and use our abilities and gifts to reach our highest level of potential.

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