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#theartofmentalheatlh series: Lucy

One of the many ways in which we seek to honor Mental Health is by honoring diversity and creativity in the field. So we have started a series called #theartofmentalhealth that showcases and highlights individuals stories and talents as it focuses on shedding light on the stigma of mental health, as well as the many facets of what it looks or feels like to have a mental illness. For this series we introduce to you Lucy.

Lucy's striking, emotional artwork combines intense subject matter with portraits and rainbows of color. Oils are the primary medium used. Mental health awareness is a commonly ignored topic, and it is the hope of the artist to create an internal dialogue within the viewer about the mental health experiences depicted.
Are you a creative who wants to showcase your work for #theartofmentalhealth series?
Send over your work including a bio and details of your submission to

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